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STYLISH 32 inch Slim Low Divider Double Bowl Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink



Professionally designed with functionality in mind, this 32” x 18” undermount double bowl low divider kitchen sink is everything you need when it comes to functionality for your kitchen. This undermount double bowl kitchen sink comes with a low divider. The low divider design is a genius innovation. It splits the sink into two bowls with a dividing short wall allowing you to rotate your large pans from side to side and wash a cookie sheet without a problem, just as if you were using with a single bowl sink. This design is the perfect blend of a double and a single bowl sink. The openness of a single bowl combined with the divided functionality of a double bowl. Get the best of both with this clever design. The divider in the middle will not get in the way while washing dishes and large pots, pans, and baking sheets. Your kitchen needs this Canadian designed sink. It includes a 10-inch deep double bowl sink, two luxury basket drain strainers, cutting template, mounting brackets and two stainless steel protective bottom grids; making this undermount double bowl sink both stylish and functional. This stainless steel kitchen sink with low divider offers a modern, linear style with rectangular bowls and 10mm tight radius in the corners making the sink easy to clean. Made of 16 Gauge T-304 grade stainless steel with a 18:10 Nickel: Chromium content ensuring complete resistance to rust. The sink is constructed from 16 Gauge stainless steel and comes with thick heavy-duty sound guard padding and spray-coating on the outside on all sides which provides sound insulation against noise and thermal insulation against condensation. The inside of the sink is finished in commercial grade brushed finish which will help to create a uniform patina as the sink ages. This double bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink will fit perfectly in any 34” cabinet kitchen space. Add more functionality into your kitchen with this amazing undermount double bowl kitchen sink with a low divider. Product Details:
Certified and Listed by Cupc.
Undermount Installation, brushed finish flanges to allow for reveal or flush mount.
Rear positioned drain hole for better utilization of the space under the sink cabinet.
Covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
Compatible with standard garbage adapter.PREMIUM MATERIAL:
This kitchen sink is made of T-304 stainless steel in 16-Gauge for superior strength and durability. Premium dent-resistant steel that offers exceptional resistance to corrosions and rust. Finished with a brushed satin finish, this stainless steel kitchen sink blends well with other stainless steel appliances. This undermount sink is resilient and easy to clean, corrosion and rust-resistant, it will not tarnish or fade.

Features a lower bowl divider that increases workspace and versatility. The low divider splits the sink into two bowls, allowing you to rotate large dishes such as cookie sheets without a problem.

This quiet undermount double bowl kitchen sink has extra thick cushion pads on all sides and bottom of the sink that effectively cancel noise and vibration from daily use. This padding also protects cabinets from condensation damage.

This undermount kitchen sink comes with deep bowls. A practical design that takes away water splashing and can easily accommodate multiple dishes. The spacious 10" depth makes it easy for washing big pans and baking sheets or hiding dirty dishes.

This clever stainless steel kitchen sink comes with a luxury basket strainer. The strainer combines efficiency with style. The stainless-steel sink strainer comes with a removable garbage basket which keeps food and garbage from clogging the drain pipe. The basket strainer is deeper than regular strainers.

This low divider kitchen sink has a sloped bottom with grooves to allow complete water drainage. The stainless steel kitchen sink will drain and dry quickly and effortlessly. This undermount stainless steel kitchen sink has a standard 3.5” drain opening and is engineered for quick and easy drainage.

This undermount double bowl kitchen sink has elegant and smooth to touch 10mm radius corners for a bold look, maximizes space and adds functionality allowing for easy cleaning.

Our accessories are designed to perfect fit and complement the style and function of your sink while offering advanced convenience.