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STYLISH 32 inch Workstation Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink with Built in Accessories

SKU S-601W

Stylish® S-601W VERSA 32 Handmade Stainless Steel WORKSTATION Kitchen Sink
This kitchen sink workstation combines the best of both worlds: a stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink with a slim and low divider for convenient space usage, and a functional ledge sink with built-in accessories (colander, roll-up drying rack and cutting board) that slide on the integrated tracks of the sink to streamline meal prep and clean up without losing space on your countertop. This 16G stainless still workstation sink includes a stainless-steel COLANDER that you can use for straining, draining, sieving, and filtering tasks like straining fruits, vegetables and draining cooked pasta. This kitchen sink with CUTTING BOARD made of high-quality anti-microbial and BPA free bamboo will make it easy to chop any food, cut fruits and veggies over the sink. This ledge kitchen sink also contains a DRYING RACK convenient for drying or rinsing vegetables, fruits, dishware, knife, glasses and cups.
All Stylish® sinks are equipped with a soundproofing system including a protective coating and extra-thick rubber pads to create a noticeable lower tone and overall a very quiet sink. This coat is sprayed underneath the sink to prevent water condensation. For added functionality, Stylish® VERSA workstation kitchen sinks come with luxury basket drain strainers, which are deeper and much more functional for catching food scraps than the regular strainers. Stylish® sinks are Canadian designed and meet the highest plumbing standards for North America. The sinks have drains towards the rear, for better utilization of the space under the sink cabinet. Also, sink basins have drain grooves for optimal drainage.
Stylish® handmade stainless steel sinks combine functionality, quality and affordability. Made of surgical-grade SUS 304 stainless steel in 16 Gauge, with an optimized 18pct Chromium and 10pct Nickel content to provide excellent strength and hardness. The specially chosen satin finish will hide water spots and maintain a uniform patina finish as the sink ages. The extra-deep basin accommodates pots and pans easily and hides dirty dishes in the sink basin and under the countertop line. The tight-10mm radius corners are perfectly blended through an automated machine buffing system and careful hand-polished, for a luxurious finish. This sink comes with two bottom grids, bamboo cutting board, colander and a roll-up drying rack.

Product details:

Certified and Listed by Cupc.
Template and mounting kit included.
Rubber pad with sound deadening coating.
Two stainless steel grids, bamboo cutting board, dish drying rack, two strainers, and colander.
10mm radius bowl corners.
Installation type: Undermount sink.
Minimum cabinet size: 34 in.
Sink external length: 32 in.
Sink external width: 19 in.
Sink depth: 10 in.KITCHEN SINK WORKSTATION:Stylish® VERSA ledge sink series offer accessories that convert your sink into a prep workstation adding functionality and optimizing space utilization.

MORE ROOM FOR FAUCET INSTALLATION:The notch in the flange makes it easier to install the faucet as it provides more room during the installation.

CLEVER DESIGN:A slim solidly constructed low barrier divides the two compartments, making it easy to wash and rinse large items while keeping the basins separate. This design can accommodate pots and pans that other double-bowl sinks simply cannot.

PREMIUM MATERIAL:This under-mount kitchen sink is made of scratch-resistant commercial-grade premium 16-gauge stainless steel. The specially chosen stain finish will hide water spots and maintain a uniform patina finish as the sink ages. This under-mount double bowl kitchen sink is corrosion and rust-resistant and will not tarnish or fade.

QUIET SINK:This quiet under-mount double basin kitchen sink has a heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating to minimize noise. This padding is made of thick rubber pads and they are on all sides and bottom of the kitchen sink. Each sink is additionally treated with a protective coating, which provides sound insulation against noise and thermal insulation against condensation.

DEEP BASINS:Specifically designed for the busy parent and young professional. The 10-in deep design in this double basin stainless steel kitchen sink, not only accommodates pots and pans easily due to its low divider it also hides dirty dishes from the countertop line.

OPTIMAL DRAINAGE:This under-mount double basin kitchen sink has a sloped bottom with grooves to allow complete water drainage. It is engineered to drain and dry quickly and effortlessly. This sink has a standard 3.5” drain opening.

PERFECT CORNERS: All welds and corners are perfectly blended through an automated machine buffing system and carefully hand polished for a luxurious finish. This under-mount double basin kitchen sink has elegant and smooth to touch a 10mm radius in the corners for a bold look and at the same time add functionality allowing to clean the kitchen sink very easily.

Recommended accessories:

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Stainless Steel drinking water tap (K-142) available in black, brush and gold finish.
One large cutting board with colander set (A-907).
One workstation serving board with 3 containers (A-908).
Workstation sink cutting board (A-912) Bamboo board with silicone container.