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NOBILI RCR46000/N Replacement Faucet Cartridge

by Nobili
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The Nobili Coaxial cartridge eliminates the obsolete cartridge block usually mounted on the side of the mixer. Nobili EnergySaving technology also produces a flow of cold water when the tap is turned on, thus avoiding involuntary and unnecessary start-up of the boiler. This means reduced consumption of hot water, greater energy saving and economy as well as great respect for the environment. The Nobili LiveDrive low-friction ceramic clutch system gives the mixer a longer life, in that it prevents friction in the ceramic discs when the mixer lever is rotated to the closed position, thus reducing wear on the plates inside the cartridge. The brass stem, instead of the usual plastic, is more resistant to prolonged forces and, at the same time, greatly improves the sensitivity of movement during water flow and temperature adjustment. The use of top quality components (such as food-grade plastic, food-grade silicone seals and food-grade grease) gives the final user greater tranquility.

BRASS MOVEMENT CONTROL STEM - The cartridge stem is manufactured from brass, not plastic.  This material selection means that it is much more resistant to prolonged forces, while at the same time improving the sensitivity of the water flow and temperature control movements.

ENERGY SAVING - Eco control feature allows cold water to be output (instead of mixed hot & cold water) when the lever is at the centre position.  This avoids boiler start-up, saving money and preventing the emission of exhaust fumes into the atmosphere.

CERAMIC DISC CLUTCH SYSTEM - This design promotes longer faucet life by reducing friction between the discs when the mixer lever is turned to the closed position.  This reduces wear of the discs and guaranteeing a soft fluid movement of the lever.

FOOD GRADE PLASTIC - We are committed to always designing products that satisfy the varying demands of the market, are simple to use and reliable under any usage conditions. The use of top quality components, such as food-grade plastic, is the result of continuous investment aimed at giving the final user greater tranquillity.

The RCR46000/N Nobili cartridge fits the following Nobili Cube and Nobili Plus faucets:

  • Plus 110 (PL00110CR)
  • Plus 113 (PL00113CR)
  • Plus 118 (PL00118CR)
  • Plus 198 (PL00198CR)
  • Plus 300 (PL00300/3CR)
  • Plus 305 (PL00305/3CR)
  • Cube 519 (CB00519-2CR)
  • Cube 523 (CB00523CR)
  • Cube 568 (CB00568CR)
  • Cube 598 (CB00598CR)
  • Cube 700 (CB00700-3CR)
  • Cube 705 (CB00705-3CR)

Compatible showers include:
  • Cube 530 (CB00530-30CR)
  • Cube 540 (CB00540-30CR)

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