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About Us

Canadian Owned and Operated

Our story began back in 2007 with an idea - Offer the best value online in Canada for luxury kitchen sinks and faucets - period. Our guiding principles are simple:

  • Only offer quality brands that we would install in our own homes or the homes of friends and family.
  • Offer knowledgeable support on the products that we provide.
  • Offer the best value in Canada on the products we sell.
  • Minimize our impact on the environment by incentivizing our customers to donate their gently used sinks and faucets to recycle/reuse it stores (Habitat for Humanity).

Combined, these principles have differentiated us from our competitors. Please read more on our Sustainable Sharing program.

Below are the contact details for each of our account managers:
Michael White ( | (226) 339-5789
Lisa Knight ( | (905) 467-6698
Christie Bajac ( | (226) 789-8418
Kevin White (