Sustainable Sharing

What is it?

Sustainable Sharing is a unique program designed to achieve three
  1. Help you save money.
  2. Help those less fortunate by receiving your gently used sink and or faucet.
  3. Recycling sinks and faucets to minimize our impact on the environment.

How it Works?

  1. Place an order online for any Kraus sink and/or faucet.
  2. Enter coupon code "recycle5" to save 5% instantly off your order.
  3. By using the "recycle5" coupon, you promise to take your gently used sink and/or faucet to your nearest Habitat for Humanity or similar organization once you install your new Kraus sink and/or faucet.

We operate entire on the honor system.  There will be no follow ups to
ensure that you donated your sink and/or faucet.  We trust that our clients
are good natured people who believe in helping those less fortunate AND the